Energy Healing

Angelic Path Healing
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Short Business Description: Distant holistic energy healing
45 min. 55 CAD
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I’m offering distant energy healing sessions! This will include a full physical and energy clearing. Clearing of entities and or manipulations which keep you from reaching your full potential. Clearing of non benefical behaviours and emotional blocks. Aligning and opening you to your full potential, life purpose. This session will take around 45 min. 55.00 CAD (Please get comfortable during the session, so you can most benefit.)

For enquiries, please, contact me!

Wanna say a little about myself! I am a lightworker and my mission is to make the world a better place. I open you up to your true life purpose, your calling, your soul mission.

I’m working with Reiki energies, angel and other light beings, your and my spirit guides, source energy, different techniques including old Chinese techniques.

My mission started ten years ago but since I am on planet earth I was always into helping others, people or pets or people with pets. I’m also helping you with any issue with your pet. Just contact me for the animal session. I can help you with pain, insomnia, emotional problems, hormonal problems, addiction, depression just to name a few.

A lot of people are not happy with what they are doing. And some don’t know what else to do. Where do I go? How do I know I’m doing the right thing? I can answer this question. When you wake up and can’t think of anything else as your calling, You are happy in what you are doing and it makes you smile even brighter thinking about it. This is your true calling. And believe everyone should be able to reach their soul purpose.

If you are interested and can relate to it, please send me a message! I’m happy to help you.
Warmest regards Ina

Business Phone Number: 3064710539
Chamber Healing
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Short Business Description: I offer distant energy healing through soul song. I can improve and remove things like pain and insomnia, as well as help people be more confident in themselves, be more productive and creative.
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Chamber Healing provides distant energy healing through soul song. A soul song is sung through a type of light language which is used to heal. We call it soul language as it is the language of the soul. Healings are done by Healer Jade, a natural born intuitive healer. Her soul songs are extra special in that sense as they carry true healing power. There is no need to be on the phone or on a video call to be healed either. A healing plan is sent via email and follow ups are done via email only. Please check out the website for further info on service packages.

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Business Phone Number: 647-493-4489
Energy Shiatsu – Oakville
Address: 586 Argus Road, Suite #100 (South side)
Oakville, Ontario L6J 3J3
L6J 3J3
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Short Business Description: Energy Shiatsu is a Holistic and Life-changing combination of Shiatsu bodywork, Reiki and Healing Touch energy, friendly and open Talk Therapy, and esoteric yet practical Life Coaching. BOOK Your Appointment ONLINE at
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The effects of Energy Shiatsu sessions may include:

– Remission of physical pains, stress and concerns
– Improved sleep, energy, and overall well-being
– Feelings of all-encompassing peace and calm
– Renewed confidence and sense of purpose
– Profound personal transformation
– Creative or cognitive performance boost
– Life challenges turned into ideal outcomes
– Discovery and fulfillment of own highest potential
– Inner bliss, outer luck, perfect health, life extension

By channelling the Divine Life Force through his aura and hands, the practitioner turns the work over to God / Spirit / Source / Universe — the good and purest energy of unconditional love and compassion.

Grant yourself a moment to melt away tension and stress, and renew. Repeat weekly or biweekly to recharge your mental, physical and creative performance to the peak level. It is one of the best kept secrets of top athletes, musicians, performers and business executives.

“Fall in love with taking care of Yourself, Mind, Body, and Spirit.”

Business Website Address: Energy Shiatsu website
Business Phone Number: 1-877-357-9779
Fractal Healing
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Short Business Description: Specializing in Reiki, Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings and Astrology.
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Fractal Healing is here to offer holistic services designed to hold the space for your personal healing. We specialize in Intuitive Readings, Angel Therapy, Reiki, Shamanic Energy Work, Astrology and Guided Meditations. Our Purpose is to empower you on your journey back to spirit. Founder and Practitioner, Will Nicholls, is an Intuitive Energy Worker who dedicates his life to serving others, and helping direct them on the path back to wholeness. From Meditations designed to address and deal with touchy areas such as self-love, anxiety, depression, and trauma, to intuitive readings meant to help redirect you on your life path and connect you with heaven. This Heartfelt practice works with what it is you need! Let us hold the space as you heal your soul, one step at a time.

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Business Phone Number: 905-467-8010